Red ryder bb gun shooting cans

red ryder bb gun shooting cans

Bought the Red Ryder for the Grandson for us to shoot together. I think they can sense the BB coming and dodge them most of the time. Daisy Outdoor Products started making the Red Ryder BB gun in 1938. It can produce velocities capable of shooting up to 350 feet per second. DAISY RED RYDER CARBINE BB GUN 650 SHOT. $34.99. Daisy. From the pages of comic books to the big screen, the Daisy Red Ryder is an all-time classic.
red ryder bb gun shooting cans

Red ryder bb gun shooting cans -

Letters on Red Ryder BB gun cartoon

Thank you to Marc Murphy, C-J contributing cartoonist, based on “A Christmas Story,” …the other side of town. That was well depicted: a mother’s time with her child.

However, I would like to see wife-husband combined in the picture, father in the background, in a supportive presence. This is advice-family time, and the stability of parents together guiding the child would be essential. Their message would be that “Black Lives Matter,” because of the faithful stability, in the marriage, guiding the child into awareness that his life matters, a precious goodness formed out of their union.

The BB gun is not the point for me, (although a “Christmas Story” illustration) nor the explanation that “a cop will shoot you dead!” The reflection is not a gun, not the cops; a fatherly presence would be an important male image, and as men we don’t need a gun, or further strengthening with a weapon. The strength is in the masculine raising the boy child to strong self-awareness in a loving atmosphere.

Father Don Halpin
Incarnation Church
Louisville 40216


Marc Murphy’s cartoon in today’s CJ is offensive and divisive and does a disservice to your readership.

I would be willing to bet that the people who pontificate the most about police behavior have never served in law enforcement, ridden on a police patrol or taken the time to understand police training and the situations police deal with on a regular basis.  They repeatedly risk their lives to protect the community, and we should all be thankful they are called to public service to ensure the safety and freedom too many take for granted.

Instead of a provocative cartoon inciting racial animosity, it would be refreshing for Mr. Murphy to draw one where the mother says “ you can’t go outside until we discuss common sense, respect for authority and responsible social behavior”.

Steve Wenger
Louisville 40245


Marc Murphy's cartoon is totally disrespectful to the police in America. More police have died in this country this year than military in Iraq and Afghanistan. These police heroes died protecting the lives of the public. For the Courier-Journal to print such a cartoon that says "and walk" shows the lack of respect that the paper has for those that risk their lives every day to protect ours.

Steve Gillespie
Louisville  40299


Marc Murphy's cartoon in today's paper, relative to the tragic shooting of Tamir Rice, in Cleveland, is completely irresponsible, in my opinion.

"No, Because a cop will shoot you dead in the street. And Walk."  Really??  Marc Murphy has a very twisted sense of morality.  The shooting, while horribly tragic, was just that, a tragedy, not a premeditated murder.

Does Mr. Murphy really believe that the officer consciously decided to kill that young boy, without cause?  Does Mr. Murphy truly believe that the officer said to himself, it's a fake gun, but I'm going to shoot him anyway?  Does Mr. Murphy really think that the officer will not see that young man's face, every time he shuts his eyes, and feel unimaginable remorse for what happened?

This is not at all like the Chicago shooting, where the young man was shot numerous times in the back, while seemingly no threat to the officer.  That appears to be a clear-cut case of an officer out of control, and should be prosecuted in court, not in a newspaper cartoon.

Mr. Murphy's cartoons, often seem to be directed toward, not just cynicism and making a point, but toward inciting more discord, that could result in violence.

Richard Kern
Louisville 40223


I want to comment about the cartoon that was in the paper recently about a black mom telling her son he can't have a BB gun because he will just get shot by a police officer. It is despicable that as a newspaper you all would take a stance against our law enforcement, the very people who risk their lives every day to protect even you, the media.

The cartoon is distasteful, racist against whites, and "politically incorrect" if you really want to go there.  You have offended every officer in the Louisville area, including wives,  husbands, family members and friends of police officers.  Not to mention regular people who just support our police force.

I know of a few people who have pulled their subscription because of this,  and I used to use your website as a resource for information about what is happening in Louisville but not anymore.  It is disgusting and reprehensible that Louisville's newspaper would take a stand against their own law enforcement officers.

You can say that the cartoon was to demonstrate what is going on in our country and not Louisville, which is absolutely incorrect and racist,  but you can't take a stand about our country's law enforcement and not include or offend your own local police force. I really hope whoever approved this article never needs a police officer to get them out of a tough situation where they have to make a life-alerting call. Until you walk even half a mile in their shoes,  keep your weak minded thoughts out of the newspaper.

Jessica Craddock
Taylorsville, Ky. 40071


The cartoon about the Red Ryder BB gun does nothing more than stoke the fires of racism in our city. Totally ridiculous and unacceptable. Enough is enough. Myself nor anyone in my family will ever buy this paper again. You have finally sealed the deal.

Melissa Pharis
Louisville  40214


I am absolutely disgusted by your "cartoon" in the paper about the Red Ryder BB gun. I cannot believe that anyone would approve this to go into the paper.

Our police officers have enough problems defending everyone (even you) without the media stirring the pot. It saddens me to think that my police officer husband would spend a portion of what little he makes protecting you, to purchase your trash of a paper that fuels the fire that puts him at risk every day. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Lori Thompson
Shelbyville, Ky. 40065


The cartoon of the Red Ryder BB gun request from Tamir Rice and the mother's response, No you cannot have it because a policeman will shoot you dead and then walk. This depiction is a distortion of the truth and would have bettered served the community if it had said: No because you have not been properly trained on gun usage and if you walk toward the police pulling a gun out of your pants you may get shot! Because a toy gun looks like a real gun and you cannot point it at people!

Do a public service not inflame a tragic event that could have been avoided with some good parenting!

Wayne T. Skelton
Louisville 40059

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