How to embed a youtube video in a forum

how to embed a youtube video in a forum

I am doing a project for class and have absolutely no experience with Pinegrow. In order to get the bonus point, I have to embed a Youtube. SCRIPT TO TRANSFORM YOUTUBE LINKS INTO EMBEDDED VIDEO // 1. ADD div with ID="tubify" to pages where transform is needed. // 2. Link to this script from the. Youtube. Use the full URL of any video and paste it into the editor: the process of embedding them in the forum is a bit more involved.

How to embed a youtube video in a forum -

In the text editor of the page where you want to embed the video, highlight the link text and click the link icon. View Discussion Reply View the embedded video [1], or view the video in a new browser window by clicking the link [2]. After writing your forum post content using the text editor, click Show More Buttons. The video should display within the text box. You can allow a defined set of people, those with "trusted content " capability to used those tags. The embed code generated by these sites often includes an HTML tag known as an "iframe. A video release form allows a third 3rd party to use the appearance both in video format and still image and voice of an individual for the benefit of the third 3rd party. Canvas guides are available at the Canvas Resource Center. When you see a site that uses some feature you like, just save everything to a folder. Please note that while Camera is listed you will not be able to embed still images with the Moodle media tool. A blue box will appear in the editor.
how to embed a youtube video in a forum

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