Arvest bank near me now

arvest bank near me now

The official website of Bert Kreischer, touring stand-up comedian, host of The Bertcast podcast, The Machine, author and awesome dad. For our associates, we implemented a remote work program, offered pandemic pay, adjusted working hours, added Juneteenth as a holiday and. Its branches can be found all over the US, including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Today, Arvest Bank has reached over 270 locations spread in all.
arvest bank near me now
arvest bank near me now
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We researched account fees, interest rates and branch accessibility to find the most consumer-friendly banks in the Sooner State. Read our selections to find the bank that best suits your financial needs.

Best Free Checking: Arvest Bank

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Arvest Bank is one of the most accessible banks in Oklahoma, with over 100 branches across the state. It offers many financial accounts, products and services for varying financial needs. Arvest Bank's Free Blue Checking account has the typical features a standard checking account has, along with free perks that often cost money at other banks, such as overdraft protection and notary services.

This account only requires an initial deposit of $50.00 to open, which is lower than the $100 initial deposit most banks in Oklahoma require. This account offers you several free features, which more costly checking accounts do not have to begin with. However, there are no Arvest Banks or any other major Oklahoman arvest bank near me now in the northwestern parts of Oklahoma, so you may wish to look at your local options if you live in that region.

Best Branch Access: BancFirst

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BancFirst not only has the most branches in Oklahoma, it's also easier to find in more rural locations compared to Arvest and other banks. BancFirst also has a variety of financial products for individuals and businesses, but the company has an outdated website, which asks you to visit a branch to open an account or if you are looking for more information.

The BancFree Checking account is a basic checking account that offers bare-bone features. It requires an initial deposit of $100.00, which is typical at most banks in Oklahoma and has no monthly fees. This account is for those who value banking in person and do not care for features such as online arvest bank near me now mobile banking.

Best Student Checking: MidFirst Bank

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MidFirst Bank provides convenient banking access for most Oklahoman students, with branches located close to schools such as the University of Oklahoma and and Oklahoma State University. MidFirst Bank's Go! Checking account is designed for students up to the age of 24 and offers all the features of a standard checking account.

The Go! Checking account only requires an initial deposit of $25.00, which is lower than the $100 other banks, such as BancFirst, require. Although MidFirst offers a great student checking account, its presence is more sparse than Bank of Oklahoma and Arvest Bank, which means a branch may not be by the school you attend.

Best Savings: BancFirst

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BancFirst also offers the highest interest rates out of any major Oklahoman bank, with a 0.40% APY. This is much higher than savings account APYs of other banks, such as Arvest Bank, which only has an APY of 0.15%. Furthermore, BancFirst has a large branch presence, which makes it convenient to open an account.

The BancFirst Savings account requires an initial deposit of $100.00 and has a monthly fee of $1.00, which is easily waived by maintaining a balance of more than $100. These requirements and fees are typical across Oklahoman banks. One downside to this account is the withdrawal fee they charge for three or more withdrawals in a month.

Best for Small Businesses: Bank of Oklahoma

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The Bank of Oklahoma not only provides great account options for small-business owners, but a full suite of products and services other banks cannot match. The Bank of Oklahoma has a history almost as long as the state itself: It has been serving its customers for more than a century.

The Free Small Business Checking account offers up to 200 free transactions a month, which includes any cash deposits, and each additional transaction beyond the 200 would incur a $0.40. Although other banks consider cash deposits as separate from transactions, other banks typically offer half as many transactions, so unless you are going to the bank three times per day, this account is a better deal.


Deciding on the right bank account will depend on arvest bank near me now personal needs and preferences. There are quite a few banks to look through, and even more bank account options, so we recommend that you do your own research to identify what you want in a bank. This list can provide you a baseline to compare any other competitive accounts you may find as you research. If banking in person is not a high priority for you, then you may wish to check online banks options, which usually offer better terms at the expense of branch access arvest bank near me now colspan="1" rowspan="1">Free CheckingArvest Bank$0Free checking and low opening depositBranch AccessBancFirst$0Most branches in OklahomaChecking for StudentsMidFirst Bank$0Convenient for StudentsSavingsBancFirst$1Earn interest on low balancesSmall BusinessBank of Oklahomaarvest bank near me now rowspan="1">$0No monthly fee and comprehensive small business services


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    They do not work together. Waiting in the drive thru while cars that pulled up after me leave, because the two tellers are not communicating organized. Waited far too long, won’t be back.

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    They do not work together. Waiting in the drive thru while arvest bank near me now that pulled up after me leave, because the two tellers are arvest bank near me now communicating organized. Waited far too long, won’t be back.

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    This is not directed to anyone at this specific bank but the app they provide. I was using the already broken arvest app and when I tried to log back in it locked my account. Now I have no access to what being taken out of my account because of a broken app security system. Thanks alot. Probably going to change banks now.

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