Que te folle un pez

que te folle un pez

Download JSON data for que te folle un pez meaning in Spanish (kB). [Show JSON for post-processed 5677.us data shown on this page ▽] [Hide JSON for. que te folle un pez - [edit]. Pronounced, keh teh foh-yeh uhn peh-s. Literally, i hope a fish fucks you. Practical Usage, a way to say "screw you". I say this because I've heard things like, and forgive the vulgarity, "¡Que te folle un pez!" translated as "May you be fucked by a fish!".

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joaquin sabina con lo que eso duele
que te folle un pez
Pickled cocks, or cocks in vinegar Pollas en vinagre No one can really agree on what this means. Similar to 'Mierda'. You're f Forro This swear means asshole. Chingada could be a deplorable place, state, or condition.

Que te folle un pez -

People who suck, people who are assholes and deserve a good punch in the heard. I think this relates to the fact that the Catholic church had such a hold on the Quebecois for such a long time and was in cahoots with the government of the time to keep the people down, or in check, or whatever, which caused their profanity to use church-related, rather than body part- or function-related swear words. NOTE: Though in some countries curses are commonly used in front of children or older family members, the vulgarity level listed here is representative of conversation between adults in informal situations. Me cago en todo lo que se menea! Esta cerveza es de puta madre This beer is kickass! Got to love Spanish right? I will give you such a slap that your teeth will fall out of your mouth like popcorn.
que te folle un pez

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