Pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in

pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in

per transaction at non-PNC Bank ATMs within the United States, Canada, Puerto Your Virtual Wallet Spend account is automatically linked first to your. Learn about all the different features and fees of the PNC Bank Virtual Wallet account, which comes with money management tools and a. Pros · New account holders can earn a welcome bonus of up to $ · Virtual Wallet includes individual checking and savings accounts that work.
pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in
pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in

Pros Explained

  • Sign-up bonuses for deposit accounts –While sign-up bonuses are more common among credit cards and business accounts, PNC offers a sign-up bonus when you open a Virtual Wallet. Depending on the type of account, you can earn either $50, $, or $ when you sync your account with a qualifying direct deposit.
  • ATM fee reimbursement –Depending on which type of deposit account you sign up for, you could either get non-network ATM fees reimbursed or have them dropped altogether. This might include being reimbursed for several specific ATM fees per statement cycle or receiving up to a certain amount in ATM fees back.  
  • Wide range of products and services – Beyond deposit accounts, PNC offers everything from student loans to auto loans to wealth management to life insurance and much more.

Cons Explained

  • Harder to open a stand-alone account – PNC takes a slight departure from standard banking products in how it packages its deposit accounts. Its Virtual Wallet offers three accounts rolled into one: “Spend,” which is a primary checking account; “Reserve,” which is an interest-earning checking account; and “Growth,” which is a savings account. PNC’s unique ecosystem for its deposit accounts can be befuddling. You’ll need to sit down and commit to learning the details and getting your head around how it works. Stand-alone checking and savings accounts are offered, but per PNC Bank’s website, its Virtual Wallet seems to be the de facto type of account. To open a stand-alone deposit account, it typically takes anywhere from two to three weeks, and you’ll need to do it over the phone. If you want to open a Virtual Wallet, you can do so online, and get access to funds immediately after approval.
  • Some caveats to keep in mind —There are some caveats to keep in mind if you want to are banks open on veterans day your monthly fees dropped or to snag the best interest rate. For instance, to get the featured relationship rates, you'll need to link qualifying PNC accounts to your Virtual Wallet. But PNC will only do so at your discretion. The accounts won't link automatically.

Who Is PNC Bank Best For?

PNC should appeal to customers who want a full range of services under a single financial institution. It could be a particularly strong fit for those who want: 

  • To open both a savings and checking account capital one bank checking account minimum balance a single bank 
  • A one-stop shop for banking and financial services
  • To step into a brick-and-mortar location and talk to a human (located in 25 states and the District of Columbia)
  • To bank with a long-standing, established institution

What Does PNC Bank Offer?

As you might chase bank grand rapids mi from one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., PNC Bank boasts a wide swath of financial products and services:

  • Savings account
  • Checking accounts
  • Virtual wallets (which are savings and checking accounts rolled into one)
  • Certificates of Deposits (CDs)
  • Credit cards

Interestingly enough, PNC's online-only offerings in states where it doesn't have branches are actually better than in the states where it does have brick-and-mortar locations.

Virtual Wallet

As PNC’s basic account with a handful of features, the Virtual Wallet includes three accounts that are packaged together. Just as Starbucks uses different words for its beverage sizes, PNC uses different lingo to brand its deposit accounts.

  • Spend –This is a regular checking account that might earn interest, depending on the Virtual Wallet account. It has a minimum amount to open an account of $ However, the minimum requirement is $0 if you open the account online.
  • Reserve –An interest-bearing checking account, it’s designed for short-term savings goals. You need at least a $1 in your account for it to earn interest, but there is no minimum amount to open.
  • Growth – This is a savings account for longer-term savings also with no minimum amount to open.

Products and rates may vary depending on where you live. Not all products and services are offered in all locations. Rates and products vary by location.

The Virtual Wallet has a $7 monthly maintenance fee. You can drop the fee if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Maintain a $ combined monthly average balance in your Spend and or/Reserve accounts
  • Make $ in monthly direct deposits to your Spend account
  • Are 62 or older

If you set up a direct deposit of at least $ made by an employer or outside agency, you can be rewarded with a $50 bonus. Your direct deposit will need to be made within 60 days of opening your account. You’ll receive your bonus in your account within 60 to 90 days.

Your Reserve account earns an APY of %. And to snag the slightly higher relationship rate of % on your Growth account, you’ll need to pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in use your debit card or Visa credit card to make at least five purchases or set up a monthly direct deposit of at least $

As a PNC account holder, you have access to 18, ATMs. As far as non-network ATM fees go, if you are a Virtual Wallet account holder, you’ll be reimbursed for the first two ATM transactions. And you’ll be reimbursed up to $5 in ATM surcharges at the end of each statement period. After that, the fees kick in: $3 per ATM visit in the U.S. and $5 for international ATM transactions. There’s also an overdraft fee of $36 per item, with a cap at four transactions per day.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend first 20 presidents of the united states Like the basic Virtual Wallet, PNC’s Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend only requires $25 in your Spend account to open it, or $0 if you open online. There’s a $15 monthly maintenance fee, which could be dropped if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • $2, monthly average balance on your Spend and/or Reserve accounts
  • $10, combined average monthly balance across any PNC consumer accounts
  • $2, in monthly direct deposits to your Spend account

And like PNC’s other virtual wallets, you can get a bump in the APY rate if you check one or both of the following boxes:

  • You make a combination of at least five or more debit card purchases or credit card transactions during the prior month
  • You have at least $2, in direct deposits per month.

If you set up a direct deposit of at least $2, made by an employer or outside agency, you can get a $ bonus. It will need to be made within 60 days of opening your account. You’ll receive your bonus in your account within 60 to 90 days. 

If you're using a non-PNC ATM, you can get a refund for up to four transactions per statement period. When it comes to ATM surcharges from other financial institutions, you can get up to $10 reimbursed per statement period.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select

While PNC’s Virtual Wallet With Performance Select also only requires $25 in aub math Spend account to get started ($0 if you open online), the amounts to nix the monthly service charge are higher.

You’ll be charged $25 a month unless you have one of the following:

  • A combined total of $5, in your Spend account and up to seven other PNC consumer accounts
  • A $25, combined monthly average across all your PNC or PNCI investment accounts
  • $5, in monthly direct deposits to your Spend account during each statement period

The variable interest rate you can earn on money parked in your Reserve account can get a bump if you either make a combo of five debit card purchases or credit card transactions or have $5, in qualifying direct deposits to your Spend account in a given month.

If you set up a direct deposit with a minimum of $5, you can also get a $ bonus. Your direct deposit will need to be made within 60 days of opening your account, and you’ll receive your bonus in your account within 60 to 90 days.

With a Virtual Wallet With Performance Select, you won’t be charged any ATM fees whatsoever for both in-network and out-of-network ATMs. As for ATM surcharges from the other financial institutions, PNC will reimburse you up to $20 in fees for a given statement period.

There’s also an overdraft fee of $36 per item, with a cap at four transactions per day.

Virtual Wallet With Performance Select Interest Rates
Balance to Earn InterestAPY
Spend – $2,+%
Reserve – $1+%
Growth (Relationship Rates) – $1+%
Growth (Standard Rates) – $1+%

Virtual Wallet Student

PNC’s Virtual Wallet Studentcomes with a handful of attractive features. You can earn a bit of interest in some of the accounts. There is no monthly maintenance fee, and you university of arkansas fort smith baseball schedule reimbursed for the first two fees from non-network ATMs in a given monthly statement period. You also get one courtesy refund on fees the first time you overdraft for a returned item.

Virtual Wallet Student account holders also get one free wire transfer per statement period on their Spend account. As far as surcharges go, you get reimbursed for $5 for non-network fees. Unlike the other Virtual Wallet products, there is no sign-up bonus.

To be eligible for a Virtual Wallet Student account, you’ll need to show proof that you’re currently enrolled in a qualified educational institution. After six years your student account will automatically kick over to a regular Virtual Wallet, at which point standard fees and eligibility rules apply.

PNC Bank Virtual Wallets
Account NameMin Opening DepositMonthly FeeAPY (meeting minimum deposit amount)
Virtual WalletSpend - $25 Reserve - $0  Growth - $0  $7Reserve - % Growth (Relationship Rates) - % Growth (Standard Rates) %  
Virtual Wallet With Performance SpendSpend - $25 Reserve - $0  Growth - $0  $15Spend - % Reserve - %  Growth (Relationship Rates) - % Growth (Standard Rates) - %
Virtual Wallet With Performance SelectSpend - $25 Reserve - $0  Growth - $0  $25Spend first 20 presidents of the united states % Reserve - % Growth (Relationship Rates) - % Growth (Standard Rates) - %
Virtual Wallet StudentSpend - $25 Reserve - $0  Growth - $0  $0Reserve - % Growth (Relationship Rates) - % or % Growth pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in Rates) - %

Fixed Rate CDs

Depending on where you live, PNC might offer Certificates of Deposits (CDs). By committing to leaving your money in a CD for a period of time, you could earn a higher interest rate than in a savings or money market account. Usually, how it works is that the longer you park your money in a CD, the higher the rate. There are also different minimum amounts required to open a CD.

The terms range anywhere from 7 days to 10 years. PNC's Fixed Rate CD minimum is $1,

PNC's standard early withdrawal penalties are as follows:

  • If you withdrawal less than three months in, you'll get dinged the amount of interest that you would've earned if you left your money for the full term of the CD;
  • If you make an early withdrawal from three months to a year, the penalty will be three months of interest earned on the amount you take out;
  • And if you make a withdrawal after a year or more, you'll be charged six months' interest on the amount withdrawn.

Ready Access CDs

If you're on the fence about locking in your money with a CD, you might want to consider PNC's Ready Access CD. You're only required to commit for 7 days; after that, you're free to access your funds. Standard terms are 3 and 12 months. Once your CD matures, it'll be automatically renewed.

Credit Cards

PNC Bank offers a small handful of credit cards, including a cashback card and a traveler’s card:

  • PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • PNC Core Visa Credit Card
  • PNC Points Visa Credit Card 
  • PNC Premier Traveler Visa Signature Credit Card

Other Financial Products Offered By PNC Bank

PNC also has a robust range of other offerings:

  • Purchase mortgages
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Auto loans 
  • Personal loans and Lines of Credit
  • Student loans 
  • Student loan refinancing 
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Self-directed trading
  • Managed investment portfolios
  • Plans 
  • Custodial accounts 
  • Life insurance 
  • Financial planning 
  • Small business banking 
  • Small business loans
  • Small business retirement accounts 
  • Military banking 
  • Workplace banking 
  • Private banking

PNC Customer Service

There are a number of ways you can get support from PNC. You can visit one of its brick-and-mortar locations, check out its FAQ page, or send customer service a tweet at @PNCBank_Help. Representatives are available by telephone seven days a week. You can reach a representative at weekdays, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, and weekends, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

PNC has a handful of mobile banking apps available on both iOS and Android devices. With the apps, you can check your account balances, pay bills, transfer money and deposit checks directly from your mobile device. The apps have outstanding ratings, and the PNC Mobile Banking app is currently ranked #55 for all Finance apps on iOS, with a star rating.

How to Bank With PNC

To open a virtual account, you can apply online. If you want a stand-alone checking or savings account, you’ll have to give PNC a call and open an account over the phone.


Banking with PNC can be a bit confusing. While you can get a stand-alone checking or savings account, there’s no information online about how to open one. You'll want to spend some time doing your homework before opening an account. Consider combing through the details on the website or speaking to a customer rep to get your questions answered. If you find PNC’s Virtual Wallet products appealing and meet the criteria to get the monthly maintenance fee dropped, it could be worth your while to open an account. Also, if you prefer to bank with a large financial institution with a host of offerings, it might be right for you.


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How To Find and Use Your PNC Bank Login

PNC is the seventh-largest bank in the U.S. by assets, according to the Federal Reserve. PNC Bank has been serving its customers for more than years, and today those customers — including individuals and businesses — number more than 8 million. With so many people to serve, you better believe PNC offers online banking.

To take advantage of PNC’s online and mobile banking platforms, you first need to know how to log in. Keep reading to learn all about it.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in this guide:

How To Log In to Your PNC Bank Account From a Computer

You can sign on to PNC’s online banking from its homepage. The login fields are located on the right side of the page. Once you find them, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your user ID.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click the “Login” button.

To enroll in a PNC online bank account, click the “enroll in online banking” link located beneath the login fields, then follow the instructions. You’ll need the following:

You will be able to create your online get your chase account number online from there.

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PNC Bank mobile banking app

How To Log In to Your PNC Bank Account From a Mobile Phone or Tablet

To log in to your PNC account from a mobile phone or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. First, enroll in PNC online banking.
  2. Download the appropriate PNC app for your phone via the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Enter your user ID and password at the sign-in screen.

After you log in, you’ll be able to quickly view your account balances and transactions.

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How To Retrieve a Forgotten Username or Password

If you’ve forgotten your username or password, here’s how to retrieve them:

  1. Click the “Forgot User ID or Password?” link on the PNC homepage, beneath the login fields.
  2. Click the “Start Reset Password” button. You will need to provide the following:
    • PNC user ID
    • Social Security or tax identification number
    • PNC account number
    • The debit card number or pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in number attached to the account
  3. Follow the directions to reset your password.

If you can’t remember your username based on the hints provided, contact PNC at

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How To View Your PNC Statement Information

You can access your online bank statements by logging in to your PNC account and clicking “Statements” on the menu bar. You can also switch to paperless statements by clicking “Change Delivery Method” on the account screen, then clicking “Receive Electronic Statement Only.” You’ll have to verify your email before clicking “Submit.”

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How To Contact PNC Bank If You Have Trouble With Your Account

Here’s how to get in touch with PNC Bank for troubleshooting or with any other questions:

  • By phone: Call PNC’s voice banking is available 24/7, while consultants are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time, or Saturdays and Carolina trust myrtle beach from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.
  • Via message: Log in to your PNC account and use its messaging system.
  • Via Twitter: Reach out to PNC Bank @PNCBank_Help.

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What Are the Benefits of Online Banking?

Online banking is a convenient way to take care of your PNC banking needs. Here are a few things you can do either online or with the mobile app:

  • Check balances
  • Review transactions
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money using Zelle

Furthermore, PNC’s mobile apps allow you to deposit checks using your phone with the mobile check deposit feature.

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More on PNC Bank

More on Using Your Bank Login

This content is not provided by PNC Bank. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by PNC Bank.

Information is accurate as of Nov. 23,


PNC Virtual Wallet Online Banking Review

PNC Virtual Wallet is an online tool for managing the money you hold in savings, checking, and some other types of accounts at PNC Bank. There are also apps for iPhone and Android that sync with the online tools.

While PNC doesn't offer interest rates as high as SmartyPig or other online banks, PNC Virtual Wallet has more features to help with budgeting, getting an overview of your finances, and saving money. Here's a breakdown of the features:

The Money Bar

Virtual Wallet's Money Bar is a bar graph that shows you at a glance how much money you have available for general spending. The Scheduled setting shows how much money you have set aside to pay upcoming bills. Free is how much you have available to spend. Reserve shows your money held in savings. 

You can adjust the amounts in Reserve and Free on the Money Bar by adjusting a slider, and your money automatically moves from one category to another for you.

Calendar and Online Bill Pay

The Calendar shows bills, income, and spending in a color-coded daily, weekly or monthly view. The Calendar also shows Danger Days in red if the account you use to make payments could be overdrawn in the future. If you see Danger Days, you can move funds from your Reserve stash or change the date you pay a bill.

You can use Online Bill Pay to make one time or recurring payments, and you'll get reminders of the bill due dates so you don't have to visit Virtual Wallet every day to stay on top of paying bills.

Spending Tools

The Spending Zone tool is for setting up a budget and getting budget reports. To set up a budget, assign amounts to budget categories. View totals for budgeted categories and a list of recent transactions. You can even see your spending over the past year with a graphical report.

Savings Tools

Virtual Wallet has several ways to help you get into saving money:

  • The Reserve Account is for short-term savings.
  • The Wish List allocates the total amount you have set aside in Reserve savings toward specific goals, such as a big vacation or replacing your tires.
  • The Growth Account is used for long-term savings. It pays interest.
  • The Savings Engine automatically transfers money from spending to savings based on the rules you set.

The "Punch the Pig" savings feature lets you save extra money toward your virtual piggy bank when the mood strikes. Tap the virtual pig and instantly move money to savings.

Funds Transfers

Transferring money is free with Virtual Wallet and can be done in three ways: You can easily move money between Pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in bank accounts, use Zelle to send or receive money using an email address or mobile phone number, or set up your non-PNC accounts to send and receive transfers.

Mobile Banking Tools

There's a Virtual Wallet app for Android and iOS, and you can access the mobile web site through your phone, too. You can also use your phone to snap photos of checks to deposit them into your account.

If you don't have a marquette savings bank locations, you can still send text messages to get account information such as balances, due dates, or recent transactions. Mobile messaging and data rates may apply.

Virtual Wallet Student

Virtual Wallet Student is an account for college students and their parents or guardians. This type of account makes it easy for parents to transfer funds to the student's account. PNC Alliance colleges—schools with a relationship with the PNC brand—can offer customized accounts and cards, financial education, branches near campus, and other benefits.

Virtual Wallet Signup and Fees

To open a Virtual Wallet account requires a minimum deposit of $25, but you can waive that if you open the account online. Also, there is a monthly service charge of $7 that you can waive by keeping a balance of $ in your Spend or Reserve accounts, or making $ in global finance loans deposits in a specified time period. The fee is also waived for people age 62 or older.

Other fees include $3 for withdrawals at non-PNC ATMs; $36 for overdrafts; $2 for paper statements; and $10 for cashier's checks. Other fees may apply; the Virtual Wallet fee table will show you every fee or cost associated with the account.


What Is PNC Virtual Wallet?

If you're looking into opening a checking or savings account at PNC Bank, you'll find that the Virtual Wallet product appears as the most popular choice for both general consumers and students. Rather than pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in you with just one account, this product comes in different versions where you can get a checking account only or both checking and savings accounts. Virtual Wallet also features tools that can help you set and work toward certain financial goals. Read on to learn more about how PNC Virtual Wallet works, which package options are available and the features, pros and cons involved with this financial product.

How PNC Virtual Wallet Works

You can think of the PNC Virtual Wallet product as an account package that comes with special tools through the bank's website and app to help you keep track of all your bills, make budgets, receive account alerts when you've reached certain goals and quickly know when your bank account is running low so that you can avoid overdrafts. Although it has "virtual" in the name, your bank accounts are still regular ones where you can deposit and withdraw money at ATMs and bank branches. This differs from an online-only bank account you'd find through places like Ally Bank.

PNC mentions that the fully-featured packages for Virtual Wallet have tools to help you spend, reserve and grow your money. This involves a primary checking account for daily spending, a secondary checking account as reserve funds and overdraft protection and a long-term savings account for growing your money. However, most Virtual Wallet products offered will give you the option to only get a primary checking account to keep things simple. Even with this option, though, you'd still get the online planning, budgeting and tracking tools.

With the full Virtual Wallet packages, customers would usually have their upcoming bills and deposits added to an online calendar, put money aside in the reserve account for emergencies and upcoming purchases and set up automated transfers both for bills and savings. PNC offers account alerts that keep you informed of your progress toward savings goals and your success budgeting. You also get other important alerts so that you can take action before you miss an upcoming bill or risk overdrawing your account.

Main PNC Virtual Wallet Features

Although there are several Virtual Wallet options to choose from, most of them share some common features when it comes to digital banking and conveniences. These include:

  • &#;Account linking&#;: Alongside the checking and/or savings accounts included with Virtual Wallet, you can link other PNC Bank products like your PNC credit card, debit card, investment account or existing checking/savings account to easily manage all accounts in one place.
  • &#;Special interest rates as a reward&#;: When you opt for certain Virtual Wallet products, you can get access to a higher interest rate as you save more money and perform specific account actions. For example, you might get a higher rate for using direct deposit or using your PNC card at least five times during the month. This higher rate usually applies to a specific portion of your savings, so you'll need to check your account terms.
  • &#;Calendar&#;: This is a key money management feature for Virtual Wallet and consists of an actual calendar that shows past, present and future transactions so you can see when money is coming in and going out of your PNC accounts. It uses this color-coding system for easy identification: green transactions refer to deposits, orange transactions refer to account withdrawals, blue transactions refer to reserve items, gray transactions refer to uncashed checks and red dates refer to "danger days" where you risk overdrawing your account.
  • &#;Money Bar&#;: Rather than simply showing your account balances in numbers, PNC Virtual Wallet uses a color-coded bar with details about scheduled withdrawals, your free funds and your reserve balance. This Money Bar also lets you adjust your reserve funds easily.
  • &#;Spending Zone&#;: This tool gives a &#;month&#; overview of your PNC Bank account transactions and totals them by category so you can see where your money goes and where you may cut expenses. You can also search past transactions and further filter them by category.
  • &#;ATM features&#;: Along with being able to use any PNC ATM without a fee, your Virtual Wallet often comes with two to four reimbursements per statement for fees related to other ATMs, and one product level doesn't charge you ATM transaction fees and waives some surcharges too.
  • &#;Overdraft protection&#;: While the Virtual Wallet products with only one checking account don't come with this benefit, the others feature overdraft protection both through the secondary checking account and the savings account.
  • &#;Budgeting tools&#;: Not only does Virtual Wallet let you budget your pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in for specific categories, but it also issues warnings when you're about to exceed your budget. You'll see graphical indicators too such as a yellow spending bar when you're close to reaching your budget for a category. You'll also see a progress bar for your overall ulta beauty online payment tools&#;: PNC Bank recommends that you set up scheduled transfers to your savings account in Virtual Wallet and also prompts you to move more funds to savings as you pay your bills. You can also arrange to have part of your paycheck put in the reserve or growth account and closely monitor your savings growth using a graph
  • &#;Minimum deposit and fee waiver&#;: As long as you open your Virtual Wallet online, you don't have to worry about a minimum deposit for checking or savings accounts. Two versions have no monthly fee, but you could waive the monthly fees for other versions by being &#;at least 62,&#; having a certain balance in your accounts or getting significant direct deposits regularly.
  • &#;Account alerts&#;: Along with alerts about budgeting and savings goals and issues, you'll get alerted about large transactions or those that seem suspicious.

Virtual Wallet Product Options

In many locations, PNC Bank has a student version alongside three tiers for regular consumers. However, other places such as the West Coast only offer the student version alongside a product named Virtual Wallet Checking Pro. These all differ in terms of fees and some benefits, so take a look at them below to learn more:

  • &#;Virtual Wallet Student&#;: Designed for active college students at approved institutions, this comes with the spend, reserve and growth accounts and waives the monthly fee for &#;six years.&#; PNC Bank forgives you for one overdraft or returned check and waives the fee for a wire transfer once each statement. Along with two ATM transaction fee reimbursements per statement, you get &#;$5&#; in ATM surcharge fees reimbursed.
  • &#;Virtual Wallet Basic&#;: This is the basic option for general customers in many locations and comes with a &#;$7&#; monthly service fee that can be waived along with a &#;$25&#; minimum deposit for your primary checking account if you don't open the account online. It comes with the same ATM benefits as the student version but is also available with just the primary checking account. As of publication, PNC Bank gives new account holders a &#;$50&#; reward if they have &#;$&#; directly deposited into the spending account.
  • &#;Virtual Wallet With Performance Spend&#;: Designed for bigger spenders who hold more money in their primary checking account, this mid-tier Virtual Wallet comes with a &#;$15&#; per month service charge with potential waivers as well as a &#;$25&#; minimum deposit for primary checking unless you open online. You get interest on all three accounts alongside &#;four&#; ATM fee reimbursements and &#;$10&#; reimbursed for ATM surcharges per statement along with free domestic wire transfers. You can opt for only a spending account with this option. As of publication, a &#;$&#; reward is available for new account holders who get at least &#;$2,&#; directly deposited.
  • &#;Virtual Wallet With Performance Select&#;: Featuring no ATM transaction fees along with &#;$20&#; in surcharges reimbursed each statement, this high-tier Virtual Wallet option comes with a &#;$25&#; per month fee (waived under certain conditions) alongside a &#;$25&#; minimum deposit for primary checking for people who don't open the account online. You earn interest on all checking and savings products, and you can make and receive free domestic wire transfers. You can opt to just get the spending account if you'd like. This version currently comes with a &#;$&#; reward if atlantic federal credit union elizabeth nj get &#;$5,&#; directly deposited as a new account holder.
  • &#;Virtual Wallet Checking Pro&#;: Offered in places like California and Washington in lieu of the three tiers shown above for general consumers, this version has no monthly service charge or minimum deposit but doesn't bear interest for the reserve or spend accounts. Each statement comes with a &#;$20&#; reimbursement for ATM surcharges. Further, you can get a top interest rate of &#;&#; percent as well as a &#;$&#; reward for opening your Virtual Wallet account and having at least &#;$2,&#; in direct deposits. You can opt just for a checking account with this version too.

PNC Virtual Wallet Benefits

Convenience is the main appeal of the PNC Virtual Wallet since you can easily get checking and savings accounts packaged with one application and less hassle. The online and mobile money management tools appeal to those who want to track their money and transfer funds without needing to rely on third-party apps or websites. The overdraft protection available with the secondary checking account and savings account offers some peace of mind along with warnings that can help you avoid declined transactions and overdraft fees.

PNC also makes this product accessible to customers with different versions that can fit their needs. You can open your account online and avoid needing to worry about an opening deposit at pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in, and your account terms offer multiple ways to avoid the monthly service fee, which you can have waived for &#;six years&#; as long as you're a student. The ATM fee reimbursements included with all Virtual Wallet products pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in with the free wire transfers for certain products can make banking more affordable to more people.

PNC Virtual Wallet Disadvantages

Despite the benefits, some customers may feel frustrated with the account fees and the inability to open just a savings account with the Virtual Wallet product options available. Unless your account waives it, the monthly service fee can range from &#;$7 to $25&#; where there are other banks that have fee-free checking and savings accounts that appeal to frugal customers. Plus, there are ATM fees that you might incur beyond the monthly waivers and allowances. While you can opt just for a Virtual Wallet checking account, you'd need to look into other PNC products simply for savings and miss out on some of the Virtual Wallet benefits in the process.

My BankTracker also mentions that the interest rates you get for most Virtual Wallet options are typically less than what you can find at other places, particularly online-only banks. Exact interest rates can depend on market conditions and location along with account type. For example, PNC Bank reports a top growth account interest rate of &#;&#; percent in Chicago, and student accounts only get a top rate of &#;&#; percent in interest. In that case, you can find much higher rates of &#; percent&#; or higher through alternatives like Citibank and Ally Bank.

Applying for PNC Virtual Wallet

The easiest way to open a PNC Virtual Wallet account is to do it on the PNC website where you can compare the different products available. You'll find an "Apply Online" or "Apply Now" button on the Virtual Wallet Student, Virtual Wallet Checking Pro and general Virtual Wallet pages that will take you to the online application. You can expect to provide personal and financial details and www first financial online banking through an identity check, but having an existing PNC online account and logging in can speed things up. You can usually begin managing the accounts and transferring money immediately after approval.

You also have the option to bring identification and apply for your Virtual Wallet at a local PNC Bank branch. You may find an "Email Me a Coupon" button when browsing the Virtual Wallet options, and you can show this to the bank representative so that you can take advantage of the current special offers.


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PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Account Review

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet

Your search for a new checking account has led you to PNC Bank, one of the many options available.

Its Virtual Wallet account is one that you may be interested in -- but it isn't like the rest.

In this review, we break down the key highlights of this unique account that delivers your traditional checking account needs in addition to a touch of smarter money management.

Find out:

  • How it can help you manage money better
  • All the fees involved
  • The factors that you should consider when picking any checking account

A Budget-Focused  Checking Account

PNC Virtual Wallet Pros & Cons

  • Money management features
  • Debit card rewards program
  • Mobile banking apps available
  • Monthly fee (can be waived)
  • Interest rates are very low

Let's face it

Dealing with multiple bank accounts can be complicated and tedious.

You have to open a checking account to handle your income and expenses and a separate savings account for the money you want to set aside for the future.

Things would be much easier if you could keep all your money in the same place.

The PNC Virtual Wallet lets you do this by combining a savings account and checking account into one Virtual Wallet.

In fact, bank of america new york aba number you open a Virtual Wallet account, you’re actually opening three different accounts.

Here's how they break down:


This account functions like a standard checking account.

You can deposit your paycheck and other income to the account.

You can then use your debit card, checks, or bill pay services to spend money out of the account.


This account is designed to hold your short-term savings.

You might want to save for a down payment on a car, a nice vacation, or some other expensive purchase.

Your Reserve account lets you keep the money you’ve earmarked for that goal separate from your spending cash. That can make it easier to track your progress towards your goal.

It also functions as your overdraft protection account. If you would overdraft your Spend account, money will be moved from your Reserve account, free of charge.

That lets you avoid painful overdraft fees.


This account functions just like a savings account, offering long-term storage for cash.

You’ll earn interest on the balance in your Growth account, with an elevated interest rate for the first $2, you deposit.

To earn that elevated rate, you must one of the following requirements:

  • Make five purchases with your Virtual Wallet debit card or PNC credit card
  • Receive $ in direct deposits

Manage Your Money with Helpful Tools

On to some help tools:

The Virtual Wallet aims to be a one-stop shop for all your financial needs, including the need to keep track of your money.

When you log in to your Virtual Wallet account, you’ll find these nifty features:

Money Bar

This bar gives you a quick view of how your money is allocated.

It is split into three sections:

  1. Indicates the money that has been allocated for bills and other payments
  2. Shows the money you have available to spend
  3. Shows the cash you have in your Reserve account.

This can give you a clearer view of how much money you have available to spend than you’d get from simply looking at your account balance.


You can also view a calendar to see when you have bill payments scheduled.

What's very helpful:

If your account will be in danger of being overdrawn due to a low balance, the days where that is a danger will be marked in red.

This Danger Day feature helps you plan ahead for times when your account’s balance will be low. You’ll have plenty of time to adjust your spending or move cash from your Reserve or Growth accounts.

Of course, for your Virtual Wallet account to know when your bills are due, you’ll have to give the account that information.

And, the kicker:

The account comes with a built-in spending and budgets tool that helps you plan and track your spending to make sure you’re staying on track.

ATM Access

PNC operates a large ATM network but focuses largely on the eastern United States.

Maryland, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio have the largest concentration of ATMs.

There’s no fee to use an ATM on PNC’s network, but you will have to pay a fee if you use another bank’s ATM.

PNC charges $3 per transaction if you use another bank’s ATM anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. If you use an ATM overseas, the charge is $5.

Note: This charge is in addition to any fees charged by the ATM’s owner.

If you live in an area that is well-served by PNC’s ATM network, you won’t face much trouble.

If you ever travel outside of the areas served by PNC, you may have to deal with hefty fees to access your cash.

Elevated Interest Plead the fifth questions if You Meet Requirements

The Virtual Wallet’s Spend and Reserve accounts don’t offer any interest, but the Growth account lives true to its name.

You can earn interest on the money in your Growth account, and additional interest on the first $2, you deposit.


To earn the elevated rate, you must use your debit or PNC credit card five times or receive $ in direct deposits in one month.

The bad news is that the rate you’ll earn, even if you meet those requirements, is much lower than the rate you’ll get from other savings accounts, especially online savings account.

Monthly Fee

There is a $7 monthly fee to keep the PNC Virtual Wallet account open. You can waive the fee by meeting any of the following requirements:

  • $ combined average balance in your Spend and Reserve accounts
  • $ in direct deposits to your Spend account
  • Account holder is age 62 or older
  • Account holder provides proof of enrollment in an education institution

Other Fees

The most common fee you’ll face from a checking account is the monthly maintenance fee.

Many checking accounts charge this fee, but let you avoid it by jumping through a few hoops.

Even if you can avoid the monthly fee, you might want to be aware of the other fees that you may be charged:

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Account Fees

Monthly Maintenance Fee$7
Overdraft Fee$36
Returned Item$36
Stop Payment$33
Deposited Item Returned$12
Domestic Wire Transfer (incoming)$15
International Wire Transfer (incoming)$15
Cashiers Check$10

How Does It Compare?

Checking accounts are the most common type of bank account in the United States.

Savings accounts are the second most common.

Having both in one Virtual Wallet account makes it somewhat difficult to compare the Virtual Wallet to other accounts.

Still, you should consider all of your options.

The convenience of having both in one account may not be worth passing up on pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in offered by other banks.

When you’re looking for a new bank, don’t just consider large national or regional chains.

Look into smaller local banks and credit unions.

Online banks tend to excel at offering low fees and high interest rates.

The fact is

These types of institutions tend to be able to offer better deals that meet the needs of customers.

Overall, you should consider the following factors when comparing bank accounts.

  • Minimum deposit requirements
  • Fee waiver requirements
  • Interest rates
  • ATM access

The Final Verdict

The PNC Virtual Wallet is a highly unique bank account that combines a checking account and savings account into one.

That means the account is a pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in shop for your daily financial needs. It can make it much easier to track your money and save for goals.

However, the account does have flaws, such as hefty ATM fees and poor interest rates on the Growth account.

If you want to bank with PNC, the Virtual Wallet is a good choice of account.

If you don’t mind having separate checking and savings accounts, an online bank may be a better choice.

You’ll have a better chance of avoiding ATM fees and earn more interest on your savings.

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PNC Bank Review

Banking with PNC—as presented on its corporate website—is somewhat confusing, especially if you are looking for stand-alone accounts. The bank packages three accounts together in what it refers to as its Virtual Wallet. You also will be asked to enter your ZIP code on various pages to be sure you’re viewing the correct interest rates and offers.

There are different iterations of the Virtual Wallet available based on customer needs. Here’s a look at the various accounts available through PNC.


Two out of three accounts within PNC’s Virtual Wallet are checking accounts. “Spend” is the primary checking account and is a fairly standard checking account that does not earn interest. There’s no minimum deposit requirement to open a Spend account online. The account also comes with a free debit card and access to PNC’s fee-free ATM network.

Unlike some banks, PNC does charge a fee for out-of-network ATM use, although it waives the first two fee charges per statement cycle. You’ll also receive a $5 fee reimbursement per statement cycle for ATM fees charged by other financial institutions.

Another interesting feature included with Virtual Wallet is double overdraft protection. If you’re ever at risk of overdraft on your Spend account, PNC will automatically move funds over from your Reserve or Growth account.

“Reserve” is an interest-bearing checking account. It’s designed to help customers save for upcoming or unforeseen expenses. Although it’s an interest-bearing account, it only earns % APY on all balances over $1.

Versions of PNC’s Virtual Wallet are also available as options for student and military banking. The Student Virtual Wallet comes with extra benefits for up to six years, including no monthly service fees. The military version features reduced qualifying requirements for waived monthly fees.

In certain markets, the package is called Virtual Wallet Checking Pro, and can be configured with just the Spend account or with the Spend, Reserve and Growth accounts.


The third account that makes up PNC’s Virtual Wallet is “Growth.” The savings account earns between % and % APY depending on your balance and whether you meet monthly requirements for relationship rates.

Eligible markets also have access to PNC’s High Home savings and loan association Savings. This online-only savings account features a more competitive rate currently at % APY. The account features no minimum opening deposit or ongoing balance and no monthly service charges. A $ deposit is required to open a money market account.

PNC also offers a Standard Savings Account. Like most of the bank’s other deposit accounts, it features relatively low interest rates. There is a $25 minimum deposit required to open a Standard Savings Account.

‘S’ is for Savings is PNC’s savings account for children. A $25 minimum deposit is required to open an account. The savings account earns % on all balances. Geared toward younger kids, account holders have access to an interactive banking learning center, including tips from Sesame Street characters.

Money Market

PNC also offers a Premiere Money Market Account, available in select markets. Rates range from % to % APY, depending on your balance and whether you qualify for relationship rates. The money market account features unlimited deposits and a PNC debit card.


PNC is also home to two types of certificates of deposit (CDs). Fixed Rate CDs are available in a host of terms ranging from seven days to 10 years. A $1, minimum deposit is required to open a Fixed Rate CD. You can open CDs with terms between three months and 36 months online, while opening other length CDs requires visiting one of PNC’s local branches.

The rates shown are for Fixed Rate CDs with opening deposits of between $1, and $24,

Ready Access CDs also come with a fixed rate but offer more flexibility. You can pull funds from a Ready Access CD at any time after the first seven days from account opening. Ready Access CDs are only available in two terms—three months and 12 months. A $1, minimum deposit is required to open a Ready Access CD as well as a trip to a local PNC branch since these CDs aren’t available online.

None of PNC’s CDs are among those offering the best CD rates available.

Other Accounts and Services

Besides its personal deposit accounts, PNC Bank also offers the following financial products and services:

  • Credit cards
  • Mortgage loans
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)
  • Auto loans
  • Personal loans and lines of credit
  • Student loans
  • Student loan refinancing
  • Retirement and investment accounts and services
  • Private banking
  • Business banking, credit cards, and lending
  • Commercial, corporate, and institutional banking and financial services

Distinguishing Features

Part of PNC’s Virtual Wallet is a service called Low Cash Mode. There are no non-sufficient funds fees and a maximum of one $36 overdraft fee per day with Low Cash Mode. PNC customers with Virtual Wallet will receive customized alerts any time their account is low.

You’ll also receive a minimum pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in 24 hours extra time to get your account balance back to at least $0 before being charged an overdraft fee. There’s a clock within PNC’s mobile app that shows you exactly how much time is left before you’re charged a fee.

Access on the Go

For on-the-go banking, there’s PNC’s mobile app, available on iOS (where it&#;s rated stars out of 5) and Android (rated stars out of 5). Through the mobile app, PNC customers can:

  • Manage accounts
  • Deposit checks
  • Pay bills
  • Send and receive money via Zelle
  • Lock a PNC debit or credit card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Set travel notifications
  • Contact PNC customer support

There’s even a feature within the app to access select PNC ATMs without a card through a one-time access code.

Of course, you can also access your accounts and perform many of the same functions online through PNC’s website.

If you prefer banking in person, PNC has you covered. PNC operates approximately 2, local branches and roughly 18, ATMs across the U.S.

PNC customer support is available in person at local branches. You can also reach customer support via online chat or by phone at Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. You can also tweet customer support at @PNCBank_Help.


  • Competitive APY on its online savings account
  • A large number of local branches and ATMs
  • Full suite of digital banking tools


  • High Yield Savings account isn’t available everywhere
  • Most CDs can only be opened in person at a branch
  • Expensive overdraft fees

How PNC Bank Stacks Up

Navigating PNC’s banking products online is confusing, especially with pnc online banking virtual wallet sign in versions of its Virtual Wallet available. It doesn’t help that some products are only available online or in select markets. Stand-alone bank accounts are available but require much digging to find information on how to open one.

If you live within the bank’s service areas and are looking for full-service banking, PNC is a solid choice. You won’t find competitive rates except with its online-only savings account, but battle worn bb 8 droid with force band by sphero great for someone who prefers in-person banking or wants to keep all of their bank accounts housed under one roof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PNC Bank FDIC insured?

Yes, PNC Bank, National Association is FDIC insured (FDIC# ). All PNC Bank accounts are FDIC insured up to $, per depositor, for each account ownership category, in the event of a bank failure.

Yes, PNC uses strong security measures—like the latest encryption technology, firewalls, security questions and two-step verifications—to keep customers’ personal and account information safe.

Yes, PNC is a solid choice for individuals looking for full-service banking who live within the bank’s service areas.

What is required to open a PNC account?

To open a bank account through PNC, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver&#;s license, state-issued ID, or military ID for identification purposes. You’ll also need a way to fund your account. Some accounts are available to open online, while others smartpay customer service number visiting a local PNC branch.

How do I get a live person at PNC?

You can reach live customer support through PNC’s customer service line at (PNC-BANK) Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.


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