Suddenlink pay bill on phone

suddenlink pay bill on phone

Suddenlink Support app let's you manage your account from your mobile device, view and pay your bills, see when the tech will arrive at your home. How to cancel Suddenlink subscription before your next bill! Step-by-step guide on canceling How to Cancel Suddenlink With Just a Few Taps on Your Phone. The installation fee was not waived on my first bill, so I was told to just go ahead and pay the bill so my service wouldn't be shut off and that it would.

: Suddenlink pay bill on phone

Suddenlink pay bill on phone
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suddenlink pay bill on phone

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Suddenlink pay bill on phone -

Sometimes one hour, sometimes two hours. Could not understand the broken English from the Suddenlink subcontractor that is performing billing duties in a foreign call center. Installation fees will be waived for new student households. Ever since new management took over their call center is atrocious, rude, disrespectful and down right belligerent!!! I finally spoke to a supervisor after being on hold for one hour and she told me that she would put a note on my account that there should be a credit applied to my next bill, since it was too late to fix the current bill. From speed to budget, you have to juggle many factors to get the best modem for your needs. No transaction fees apply.

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